5 Tips Prior to Planning a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. 

How does a Double Marker Test help in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time where a woman has to take utmost care of her health.

Is post transfer best rest mandatory in IVF?

As you may know, IVF is a medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized.

Day 3 vs Day 5 transfer in IVF - What you need to know?

A common dilemma that is faced by couples is to opt between Day 3 or Day 5 transfer.

What do you need to know about Fibroids?

A woman's health is as precious to her as her loved ones.

Drugs used in IVF for Ovarian Stimulation - What do patients need to know?

The drugs and injections used for Assisted Reproduction can be the deciding factor.

Fresh vs Frozen Embryo Transfer: What a patient needs to know?

The option of freezing the embryo/sperm sample is probably the best development.

Seedling fibroids on sonography... Should you panic?

Women working in an organisation would undergo a routine yearly health check-up.

Is Laser Assisted Hatching helpful to you? Let's find out!

The laser assisted hatching definitely improves the success rates of implantation.

Rectal Prolapse: What to expect following surgery?

Prolapse is a common disorder that occurs typically due to a defective endopelvic fascia. 

When a HSG shows a Septate or Bicornuate Uterus...

HSG is an investigation performed in many women suffering from infertility. 

All what you need to know about your AMH test

AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone is a blood test recommended by your Fertility Specialist.

All that you need to know about Quadruple Marker Test

After double marker test, we bring to you frequently asked questions about Quadruple Marker Test.

Facts about Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

A topic of hot discussion, social competition and attractive marketing gimmicks is currently the largely unregulated – “Cord Blood Banking”

Preparing for Fibroid Surgery

A fibroid surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures that a lady might undergo in her life

TORCH Test and its Importance for Fertility

TORCH is a terminology coined for Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes.

Urine Incontinence - Which one do I have?

Urine incontinence is an extremely irritating problem for the women.

Early Signs of Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Elevated Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, also called as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or Gestational Hypertension.

Post Menopausal Bleeding - Why should you be cautious?

Menopause is characterised by the absence of bleeding for more than a year.

IVF Failed- How many eggs were collected?

Failed IVF is something many couples will have to go through.

Cancer Endometrium - What investigations to do prior to surgery?

Cancer Endometrium is a disease which is rapidly rising in India.

How will blood pressure in pregnancy affect your baby?

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy is one of the commonest problems affecting pregnant women.

IVF Failed - How to Analyse?

Usually, when you’ve had a Failed IVF, you must start analysing what went wrong.

Is Stress Urine Incontinence Stressing You Out?

Urine Incontinence is a very common and irritating disease especially in elderly women.

Urine Incontinence - How helpful is a Urodynamic Study?

Urine incontinence is a socially debilitating and irritating disorder which typically affects elderly women.

Pre Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) - Can we take a call to transfer an Abnormal Embryo?

PGS or Pre Implantation Genetic Screening is a procedure in advanced Fertility.

Stress Urine Incontinence - How to prepare for TOT Repair?

Stress Urinary Incontinence is a subtype if urine incontinence which is characterised by the involuntary passage of urine.

Cancer Endometrium - Will I need a Post-Operative Radiation?

Cancer Endometrium is rapidly rising in India, due to typically the increasingly affluent lifestyle.

Everything a patient needs to know about - Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

PGS Or Pre Implantation Genetic Screening is a procedure, which is considered to be a technique in Advanced Fertility.

Endometriosis: Will Leuprolide/ Decapeptyl Depot work in your case?

Endometriosis is an enigmatic disease having an extremely complex management.