Masturbation is a common activity among men and women in which they stimulate their genitals for sexual arousal or pleasure. It is a natural and safe way to explore your body, feel pleasure, and develop sexual tension. It also plays an important role in developing sexual health.

However, you will not have any harmful physical side effects if you masturbate. But excessive masturbation or daily masturbation can have several side effects and may also affect your personal life.

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Side effects of daily masturbation in men

Although masturbation is not harmful, if you’re releasing sperm daily or masturbating daily then you may experience tender skin or slight swelling in the penis, which is also known as Edema. However, these side effects may go away in a couple of days. But there are other potential and harmful side effects of masturbation that you may undergo.

Here are some of the potential side effects of male masturbation mentioned below:

  • Feeling guilty – It is mostly seen that if you are masturbating daily, at some point in time you may start feeling guilty that you’re hurting your own religious and spiritual beliefs. However, this is just a misconception, you’re not doing anything wrong if you’re masturbating. Self-pleasure is not something to be ashamed of.

If you’re feeling any sense of guilt after masturbating, then make sure you consult a doctor, friend, healthcare specialist, therapist, or counselor. He or she will help you to move the feelings of guilt.

  • Prostate cancer – This is a serious disease that may occur due to excessive masturbation. However, several types of research have been done to determine whether daily masturbating increases the risk of prostate cancer or not.

In the year 2003, a study showed that if you’re ejaculating more than five times in a week and your age is around 20 years, then you’re less likely to encounter prostate cancer. So, it was explained that if you ejaculate daily then it will prevent the cancer cells from build-up. However, in the year 2016, the same condition was discovered. This study stated that, if you’re ejaculating 21 times every month then it will reduce your chances of developing prostate cancer.

But, a group of researchers did depth research in the year 2008 and discovered that if you’re releasing sperm daily or masturbating daily, it will increase your risk of developing prostate cancer.

  • Reduced sexual sensitivity – If you’re releasing sperm daily and masturbating aggressively then this may lose your sexual sensitivity. It means while you’re masturbating you hold your penis with a tight grip which reduces the sensation. However, a change in your masturbation technique may resolve this issue.
  • Effects on personal life – In some cases, you may start masturbating more frequently as your desire to attain pleasure will start increasing. This may have a bad effect on your personal life in the following ways:
      • You may start missing your school or office and other social events and may also forget to give time to your family and your partner.
      • Your daily life routine will get affected.
      • It will harm your personal relationships as you won’t be able to give time to them.
      • You will start running away or escaping from your responsibilities.

If you want to reduce your addiction, make sure you consult a health specialist or a counselor. They will suggest several therapies that will help you to reduce the addiction.

  • Addiction – Masturbating daily can lead you to develop an addiction and you will spend most of your time masturbating. This addiction can be very harmful to your mental health as well as physical health. It may also ruin your relationships and your daily life routine.

Moreover, you will start running away from your responsibilities, work, and studies. The addiction will also affect your mind because you won’t be able to concentrate on any other work. You will start hurting your family, friends, and your life partner as you will not give them time and attention.

In the above topic, it is explained that masturbation is a healthy, natural, and safe way to experience sexual arousal or pleasure. It has many health benefits like it reduces stress, results in better sleep, releases sexual tension, and also gives you mental pleasure.

However, it also has several side effects that are mentioned above. If you are facing any of the side effects then make sure to consult and speak with a therapist.

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