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What is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?

IUI, medically known as Intrauterine Insemination, is a simple form of fertility treatment. The doctor can perform it either with or without medication. The medical modus operandi includes the procedure of transferring semen to the uterus through a thin catheter. However, before proceeding with it, the doctor will need to wash and concentrate on the semen.

This way, it will be much more effective and powerful. A doctor will most possibly perform IUI treatment during ovulation. But, if he/she has to do so before the same, then they might use the drugs.

Everything You Need to Know About IUI Treatment

When It’s Used | Indications | Procedure | What to expect |Risk | Success Rates  | Cost

When is IUI used?

The doctor can use IUI to subdue the symptoms or treat various types of infertility issues. In most cases, he/she will perform the same in multiple cycles until the couple conceives. Also, almost every infertility specialist proceeds with this procedure first before moving onto something more invasive, like IVF.

The following are some of the situations where doctors tend to opt for IUI.

  • Unexplained Infertility: Even after running several diagnostic tests, the doctor might not be able to determine the actual cause of infertility. So, in that case, he/she will opt for IUI alongside injecting the ovulation-inducing drugs.
  • Donor Sperm: Most physicians usually use IUI for those women who do require the sperm of a donor. During the procedure, the frozen sperm is obtained from a well-known and certified lab.
  • Endometriosis-related Infertility: In the case of endometriosis-related infertility, the doctor would, first, try to obtain a high-quality egg. Once he/she gets it, then they will perform IUI to make it fertile.
  • Cervix-related Infertility: During the period of ovulation, the cervix tends to create a high amount of mucus to prepare a proper environment for egg production. However, due to some medical reason, the cervix of some women cannot produce the mucus at all. This, in turn, leads to infertility. So, in this aspect, the doctor will need to find the underlying disease and treat it before moving onto IUI.
  • Semen Allergy: In rare cases, a woman can suddenly become allergic to a specific type of protein available in semen. Thus, in this aspect, ejaculating into the vagina of women could cause redness and itching in the area. The usage of a condom might help you to prevent this issue.

However, this way, you cannot have a child as well. Thus, if your sensitivity to this allergic reaction is excessive, then it would be better for you to choose IUI. During this procedure, the doctor would remove many components from the semen. So, it should be safer for you.

Indications of IUI

There are several health indications, which might suggest the requirement of the IUI procedure. Some of these are as follows –

  • The production of female humoral anti-sperm antibodies
  • Male infertility
  • The removal of the cervix or any other cervical disease
  • Severe pain during intercourse
  • Unsuccessful treatment with fertility drugs

Treatment Options For Infertility

IUI Procedure

The IUI procedure is seemingly simple and painless. However, as a first-timer, you might feel a bit nervous. Thus, knowing about the process can help you to prepare for it in a proper manner. So, let’s take a look at it as well!

Step 1

Collection of the Semen: During the earliest stage, the doctor would collect a small amount of sperm for the procedure. It can be acquired through masturbation, almost similar to the process of semen analysis.

Nevertheless, if your partner is unable to produce the same at the hospital, then he can do so at home. In this case, the doctor will provide him with a sterile semen collection kit. But, the sample needs to arrive within an hour after the ejaculation.

Step 2

Semen Washing: The semen of a human being contains much more than sperm. Besides, it also comprises protein, vitamins, and some other crucial components. So, before beginning the procedure, your doctor will remove the unnecessary from it. This is known as the washing procedure!

Step 3

Insertion of the Catheter: Now, you will have to lie down on an examination table and put up your legs on stirrups. The doctor will, first, attach a sperm-filled vial in a catheter and insert a speculum into the vagina.

Then, he/she will insert the catheter into your uterus through the cervical opening. After that, he/she will push the sperm sample into the uterus through the small and thin tube. Once they have done it, then they will remove the catheter and speculum respectively.

What You Can Expect During & After IUI Procedure?

As mentioned before, the Intrauterine Insemination procedure is absolutely painless. If you already know about the procedure, you will not feel anything during the same. You might feel a small amount of discomfort while the doctor is inserting the catheter. But, that’s negligible.

So, once the procedure is complete, the physician will request you lie on your What Is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)? back for some moments. During this period, the sperms will try to find a way to reach their destination. Thus, if you tend to walk or move too much, their working procedure might get disturbed.

After the doctor says, you can get up and move onto your daily business. You might experience spotting during the first one or two days. But, it is temporary and will go away soon on its own. Be sure to wait for at least two weeks before undergoing a pregnancy test.

Risks involved with IUI Treatment

The IUI procedure is relatively straightforward and simple. Hence, it does not cause any kind of side-effects at all. But, there are some risks that might occur under a few special circumstances. These include –

  • Spotting: Sometimes, during the procedure, the placement of the catheter can cause vaginal bleeding. But, it will be minimal and will go away within one or two days.
  • Infection: There is also a minute risk of experiencing an infection on the outer side of the vagina. However, in most cases, the doctor will get rid of its during its earliest stage.

Success Rates of IUI

The success rate of IUI generally depends on the overall health and efficiency of the sperm. Most women have a 10%-20% of chance of success after one cycle of IUI. However, the rate increases to around 80% after three-six cycles of the same.

IUI Treatment Cost

The cost of IUI generally varies from one state of India to another. However, on average, the expense of the same revolves around INR 12,000 to INR 17,000.

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Can IUI prevent miscarriage?

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Is IUI treatment painful?

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