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What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF is a kind of fertilization where the eggs combine with sperm for fertilization outside the body. This IVF procedure takes place in glass (in vitro). The process involves removing an ovum (egg or eggs) from the ovaries and letting the sperm fertilize them in a liquid.

This process involves stimulating and monitoring in a laboratory. For the next 2-6 days, the fertilized eggs undergo embryo culture also. Later on, it is implantation that takes place in the same or another woman’s uterus. This process intends to establish a successful pregnancy. IVF is a process appropriate for gestational surrogacy and infertility treatment.

Everything You Need to Know About IVF Treatment

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Who is suitable for IVF Treatment?

Read the content for understanding properly who is the right candidate for the treatment?

This can be very disheartening when a couple tries to start a family but is unable to do so for several months. If a couple is having infertility issues for them IVF is suitable.

Some of the issues are:-

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

The hormonal disorder can cause infrequent and prolonged menstruation, which can also result in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. In the case of PCOS, there is a development of a number of follicles in the ovaries and also results in releasing eggs regularly.

In the case of PCOS, IVF is resulting to be very successful as well.

  • Endometriosis

Endometriosis causes the lining of the uterus to grow outside the uterus, resulting in a painful condition. The lining involves that of the ovaries, pelvis, and fallopian tube. In some cases, it also spread beyond the pelvis.

IVF is also a better choice for women with endometriosis scarring.

  • Tubal factor infertility

Difficulty in pregnancy can also occur from scarred, damaged, missing, or even blocked Fallopian tubes. In the process of IVF, the implantation bypasses the Fallopian tube. Therefore, women with tubal factor infertility can opt for IVF. It therefore far better than surgical solutions.

  • Male factor infertility

Low sperm count, no sperm count, or even decreased motility of sperm are also some of the reasons for male factor infertility. Most of the infertility cases are due to this reason as well. IVF can help couples conceive with these factors also.

  • Pregnancy on demand

LGBT couples or single women wish to have a baby as well. IVF is a good choice for them. They can become pregnant following their terms and timescale.

How is in vitro fertilization performed?

In Vitro Fertilization involves the process of fertilizing an egg outside the woman’s body also. This takes place in a laboratory using a fine needle, suction machine, and test tubes. It involves various stages.

IVF process timeline

Do not be disheartened if the process also takes some time. The process of IVF undergoes several steps starting from testing and ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer. If prescribed assisted hatching is done, and finally pregnancy test.

All of these procedures need six to eight weeks on average. It might change depending upon the condition and age of the patient also.

Steps involved in IVF

This complex series of IVF includes consuming some medicines too. These include Antagon (ganirelix), Ganirelix Acetate, Lupron Depot (leuprolide acetate), and Lupron as well.

Doctors will also prescribe GnRH analog drugs to women for 2 weeks. HCG injections will also be prescribed when ovulation is triggered.

There are several procedures for IVF. They are:-

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Egg retrieval
  • Sperm retrieval
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy test

Complications associated with IVF

Although IVF helps couples have a baby but there lie some complications in this procedure. Such as:-

  • Premature delivery
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Egg-retrieval procedure complications
  • Stress

There lie many side effects of IVF as you have to go through certain medications during the whole cycle. Some of the side effects are:-

  • Headaches
  • Hot flushes
  • Feeling down
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Restlessness
  • Swelling or rashes
  • Depression
  • Breast tenderness etc.

Treatment Options For Infertility

IVF cost in mumbai

IVF is a procedure that includes various stages. The average cost of each cycle would range from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,50,000. This cost does not include the medications being prescribed during the cycle as well.

All the tests and ultrasounds that you undergo during this test are not included in this procedure though. The cost may differ depending upon the circumstances.

IVF success rate

As per records, the success rate of IVF depends upon the age of a woman and the previous history of the IVF cycle. According to the records, the success rate of IVF is increasing in all age groups. Women who undergo this procedure for the first time have a record of a 33% success rate in their first cycle.

It is increasing from 54% to 77% by the eight cycles. The effect of three full cycles of IVF increases the chance of pregnancy to 45 to 53%.

Self-care during IVF

Get the best post IVF tips. Your body goes through a lot during the IVF cycle. It is stressful both physically and mentally.  You must have proper sleep and eat good foods during the IVF cycle as well. You must also plan to visit a spa for some relaxation.

Feel free to be social as well. Having a chat with families going through this same phase can help you to de-stress also. In vitro fertilization can be very safe as compared to natural childbearing.

The history began in Great Brittan when the world’s first test tube baby was born following this procedure. It must be used with great care so that it does not take an unexpected turn as well.

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The Shree IVF clinic has world-class facilities available under one roof. Many technologies added 1st time in India. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

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Dr. Jay Sir is a very intelligent and wise person. He is an all-rounder with excellent mentoring capabilities, meaning he not only works but also guides, teaches, gives first-hand observations, gives opportunities to learn and grow as a doctor, with live hands-on surgical demonstrations. He proves a literal meaning of the term "Doctors are messengers of God", I have observed his unbiased views and respect towards all other pathies👌

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Dr. Jay Mehta is a very professional, knowledgeable, and God-Gifted Obstetrician-Gynecologist-Fetologist who believes in genuineness and ethical ways to help families for a noble cause. He is "Saving generations". Another interesting, sincere and quite a responsible effort by Dr. Jay is online gynecology and obstetrics guidance lectures for practicing family physicians from all over India. Rather, he loves and enjoys sharing his utmost experiences. May God bless him forever...!


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