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Vacuum Delivery

All About vacuum delivery (Vacuum Extraction)| Shree IVF Clinic - Dr. Jay Mehta

What is Vacuum Delivery?

Vacuum delivery is a type of vaginal childbirth performed with the help of a vacuum when there is an interruption of the mother’s labor or the child’s health is of immediate concern. When there is no recorded movement of the baby in the last few hours, the doctor will place a suction cup with a pump to create suction. This will carefully guide the baby out of the birth canal as the mother pushes. This helps to avoid the risk of the baby’s injury during a c-section besides making an efficient and effective delivery.

Everything You Need to Know About Vacuum Delivery

Needs | Reasons | Indication | Risk and complications |Recovery 

Who needs a vacuum delivery?

It usually takes place during the second stage of labor when the cervix expands completely and the mother has been pushing for a long time. But the process of pushing has no adequate improvement. Then the doctor may decide to proceed with vacuum delivery. Sometimes a drop in the heart rate of the baby indicates fetal complications. It will require immediate delivery to avoid major damage to the baby.

Vacuum delivery is ideal for such a situation where doctors opt to take the baby out of the birth canal rapidly. Some major medical problems may create complications from pushing.

Reasons for vacuum delivery

If there is no scrutinization of the cervix properly before carrying forward the process, it may lead to tearing and injury of the cervix. Surgical repair for cervix injury may lead to complications in future pregnancies. It is also when the mother is tired because of elongate labor. The doctor may help with a vacuum extractor to pull the baby while the mother continues to push.

The combined effort makes the delivery comfortable. Sometimes the head of the baby is in an abnormal position when there is a need for the vacuum to bring the baby’s head to a correct position. It is also to give less maternal laceration.

When it’s done during delivery?

During the second stage of delivery which is generally the pushing phase, if the baby or the mother have exposure to certain major issues the doctor may use vacuum assist extraction.  Situations like when the mother is pushing but no significant progress is taking place or when the mother is too tired vaccum delivery helps.

Before proceeding to it, one has to make sure that the bladder is empty; analyzing the position of the baby’s head and keeping enough anesthesia at help. Vacuum delivery is where very less anesthesia performs. Doctors prevent to the approach of vacuum delivery when the baby does not fit through the pelvis. Sometimes the baby’s head has not progressed in the birth canal or doctors are uncertain about the position of the baby’s head.

This process is only when the baby is almost to take birth,i.e, it is far enough down the canal. If the head is not in the right place doctors opt for cesarean birth.

How is vacuum delivery done?

In the beginning, the doctor will be giving an epidural to numb the pain or he can do an episiotomy to expand the vaginal opening. They opt for cutting the muscle area between the vagina and the anus. He can also adjust the dosage of anesthesia to ensure a more effective pushing. The bladder should not be full at all.

In between contractions, the doctor will set the vacuum cups on the head of the baby and will use the vacuum pumps to create suction during the contraction. This will block the baby’s head from moving back into the canal in the middle of the contraction and will guide the baby out of the canal.  Once the baby’s head comes through the canal, the whole body then becomes easy for delivery with a little push from the mother.

Indication of vacuum delivery

Often due to long labor, the mother tends to get tired due to loss of energy. This exhaustion needs external help sometimes to proceed with the delivery. The fluctuation in the heart rate of the baby is a sign that needs immediate external aid.

Sometimes the pre-existing health condition of the mother is of concern. This requires vacuum extraction to limit the time and energy of the mother.  Conditions such as blood pressure, glaucoma, aneurysm, and heart problems make the act of pushing risky.

Risk and Complications of using vacuum extraction

Parents should be thoroughly aware of this regard before deciding on the type of delivery to attempt. Vacuum delivery is usually less risky, though there are risks in this process too. Possible risk to mothers includes

  • Vaginal pain and damage which is the perineum
  • Lack of control on urination or defecation
  • Hematoma is a condition in which the vein and artery become injured.
  • Damage of the vaginal area

Recovery after vacuum delivery

It will take a few weeks to recover from an episiotomy (if carried out).  The tear and wounds in the vagina might hurt initially before it gets better after some weeks. Severe wounds might take some major time to heal.  Experiencing some discomforts while healing is very common. One should consult a doctor if the pain gets worse accompanied by fever or sign of infection.

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Faiza Wadia

Dr Jay sir is the God of Endometriosis. There is no one better and more honest than him. Assistants Vismay sir and toral madam and harshita madam are so good.

I am operated here for severe endometriosis of the urine bladder. I am done laparoscopic surgery here under guidance of Jay sir. My recovery is excellent and I am heading back home in a day itself.

For people who have endometriosis, this is the person to go to.


My wife was suffering from scar endometriosis for a period more than 1.5 years. We visited lot many doctors who gave us different opinions at different times.

We came to know about Dr. Jay from YouTube videos. He gave us best advice. In Sept 21, my wife got operated at his hospital and relieved of all the pain. Lot many thanks to you sir.

Basavaraj N

The best doctor for endometriosis in India and Mumbai.

We came from Karnataka to Mumbai to do surgery. He is such a famous surgeon and a doctor. Extremely impressed with your humble behavior.

My wife had bowel endometriosis. There is one thing that I wish to mention. He is a very straightforward doctor. He answers everything, but he doesn't take over the smart nonsense of the patient.

Don't go by his simplicity, he will make such strong punchlines that your ego will come down to earth. He asked me to be a MAN. I will never forget that motivation


One of the best endometriosis doctor for doing surgery. We have come to Mumbai from Jalgaon for this surgery. Very fantastic hospital. Very famous dr jay Mehta and very kind with heart.

All blood tests are done in hospital only so no running around to laboratory again and again. There are many good food joints around for out of Mumbai patients to eat good food. Thank you staff for kind guidance.

Nawab Saab

I was suffering from severe endometriosis since years. We have had previous 3 surgeries. The pain was excruciating.

Finally we were told about Dr Jay Mehta by our doctor. My surgery was a big one. It involved bowel resection for endometriosis.

Dr Jay had assured me that I will up and bout in the next day of surgery and here I am. Going home. Pain free. This is one person who is GOD for me. I don't know how best to thank him. Thanks a lot. You are by far the best doctor for Endometriosis Treatment in Mumbai,  I have met in my life.

Thoroughly impressed by your direct and honest approach.

Nausheen Khan

The best doctor in India for Endometriosis. I am actually honored to be treated by Jay sir.

I had come to him 3 years ago when he told me about surgery, but I got misguided by many other doctors and I took a leupride of 11 injections. Unhappy with the result and pain, I come back to Jay Mehta sir.

He scolded me but then operated on me too. I thank you him, for being so an honest and genuine doctor.

The KING of Endometriosis as he is rightly called, considers my finances and operates me in charity surgery. My family bless you always


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