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Can IUI prevent miscarriage?


A successful pregnancy matters the most whether you opt for intrauterine insemination or IUI for the first time or for the fifth time. The rate of successful pregnancy varies as per individuals, but few cycles of IUI may help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Couples with fertility issues are benefitted the most from using infertility treatments. Before you conclude what will happen after IUI, you need to know why it is an excellent choice for you. IUI’s benefits will be it will deliver the sperm into the uterus directly during the time of ovulation.


Dr Jay Mehta

Scientific Director & IVF Specialist with 10+ years of experience






Many kinds of issues related to fertility will be benefitted from this procedure:

  • IUI can help to transfer healthy sperms to the uterus. It can help overcome the male fertility issues when the problem is low sperm count by placing the sperm in the location targeted directly.
  • Couples sometimes find it challenging to understand when is the right time for intercourse to achieve a successful pregnancy. The process of IUI ensures the sperm and the egg meets during ovulation.
  • Some women face ovulation issues where eggs live for twelve hours or even less during ovulation. IUI increases the chances of the sperm to meet the egg during a short period.
  • When the reason for infertility is unknown, IUI can help to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

IUI is an effective procedure for the ones who think that IVF is not the right option. It is a straightforward and non-invasive method that will help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

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What can you expect after IUI Treatment?

Mild cramping, vaginal discharge, and slight spotting are some of the symptoms you may experience after IUI. Little spotting and vaginal discharge happen because of the leakage. This is followed by mild cramping. These common problems do not indicate that the procedure is a failure, or there are few injuries made during the process leading to all these problems.

Doctors take time to monitor the procedure for a few days before confirming the process to be a successful one. For the first two weeks, you need to wait for your doctor to recommend it. You need to monitor every symptom you have to get pregnant.

You will be recommended to wait for two weeks after your IUI treatment. You might have a feeling of excitement, trepidation, and anticipation. You may get some hope from aches and pain. Doctors will recommend you monitor every symptom related to pregnancy. Some of the points are discussed here to tell you what your body will go through after IUI treatment.

  • Fertilization

The egg has to fertilize by the sperm to increase the chances of getting pregnant. The sperm fertilizes the egg within a few hours from the procedure, or it might need two days following this procedure. You will not feel any symptoms, even if you are pregnant after the egg has been fertilized successfully.

  • Implantation

The egg travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus after fertilization. The eggs are further embedded in the uterus lining. The body begins to produce the hCG hormone (pregnancy hormone).

The pregnancy test detects the hCG hormone to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. This hormone is responsible for causing specific pregnancy symptoms, including implantation and morning sickness, after five to twelve IUI days. Your body releases a sufficiently high level of hCG after a few days of implantation to achieve a positive result for your pregnancy test.

  • Pregnancy

Implantation helps to begin pregnancy. After a few days, some women experience early symptoms of pregnancy after implantation. Some women often feel no signs of pregnancy at all. The hCG level is very low in the early days of pregnancy; therefore, the symptoms you experience are not a good predictor to identify pregnancy.

You need to perform a pregnancy test after two weeks, and if the result is positive, you will be suggested for some more tests to ensure that your pregnancy is healthy with a well-balanced hormone.

Step by step procedure of IUI Treatment

It would be best if you are explained the steps of IUI treatment before opting for the procedure. Five stages of IUI will help you to get a successful result.

Step 1

It would be best if you take suggestions from IUI specialists before opting for this procedure. You will learn about certain medications you need to take for your maternal health, plan your diet carefully, and avoid drinking or smoking. These tips will help you to go through an upright journey to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

The doctor will suggest going through various tests to identify the causes leading to an unhealthy pregnancy. The tests’ results will help the doctors determine whether you are perfect for IUI treatment or not.

Step 2

This step is generally observed by women to determine the appropriate time for the sperms to be inseminated for pregnancy during their ovulation period. But if a woman has a problem related to ovulation or has unsuccessful IUI in the past shall start taking oral medications after consulting the doctor to stimulate ovulation.

Doctors sometimes prescribe injecting drugs to stimulate ovulation. But this process is not healthy and hence reduced because it leads to releasing multiple eggs, which results in multiple pregnancies and, therefore, risky for women.

Step 3

You are suggested to track your monthly cycle. Tracking cervical mucus, along with measuring the temperature, will help you track your ovulation cycle. The tracking allows you to be ensured about the specific days you are ovulating. You can visit the doctor on those days to continue your IUI procedure to achieve a positive result.

Step 4

Doctors use either fresh sperms or the ones that are kept frozen for the procedure. In case you are opting for fresh sperm, your donor or partner has to be present, and if you are unable to go for fresh sperm, you can use frozen sperm for fertilization.

Defrost of frozen sperms is done in the clinic itself. The frozen sperm is cleared from all the debris and impurities, if it has any, by washing to get a more concentrated version of it. It increases the chances of fertilization effectively and efficiently.

Step 5

After the sperms are washed, and they are in a concentrated version, the procedure starts. The sperms are placed in the uterus using a long tube known as a catheter. The catheter goes through the vagina from passing through the cervix.

This treatment is straightforward and painless. A pregnancy test is performed after a few days of the procedure. You may opt for this procedure if it is not successful on the first go.

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Chances of Miscarriage with IUI

In the case of early pregnancy, the chances of miscarriage are higher. Most miscarriages happen before detecting the pregnancy. Miscarriages often occur when successful implantation fails due to fertilized egg.

The IUI procedure treatment only involves placing the sperm in the uterus lining with a catheter’s help. It only shortens the distance the sperm has to travel to the egg for fertilization. The procedure of IUI does not guarantee you a successful result. Miscarriages can occur anytime, but the chances of miscarriage decrease when the heartbeat of the fetus is detected with an ultrasound.

The chances of miscarriage are meager if you are pregnant for more than twelve weeks. Women with infertility issues have higher chances of miscarriage, but it never stops them from trying for the next time.

The bottom line

The procedure of IUI does not ensure you drop the chances of miscarriage. It is a process of implanting the sperm into the uterus lining for successful fertilization. This does not guarantee you a successful pregnancy.

After twelve weeks of your pregnancy, even after opting for an IUI procedure, you will be sure that the chances of miscarriage have dropped below 1%.


Dr Jay Mehta

Scientific Director & IVF Specialist with 10+ years of experience







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