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What is Hymenoplasty Surgery?

When the broken hymen is restored through surgery, it is known as hymenoplasty or hymnography. This cosmetic repair of the hymen is also known as revirginization. You should not be frightened about the surgery but the doctors provide local anesthesia which would take care of your pain. To know more about the procedure, first, you need to know the details about the hymen.

Everything You Need to Know About Hymenoplasty Surgery

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What is a hymen?

The hymen is a tissue found in the vagina which covers the vaginal opening. Its formation begins when the female baby is in the womb, generally when the carrier is in the fourth month of her pregnancy. A hymen may tear or break apart. But the damage caused might not be permanent. There are certain ways to treat the damage.

Why is hymenoplasty done?

This surgery might not be an essential part as it is just a cosmetic fix. But there may be a few serious problems leading you to undergo this treatment. The reasons may be varied, ranging from physical to psychological. Below are some points discussed regarding this.

  • Blocked Hymen – this might turn out to be a serious problem as the membrane is blocked. This in turn blocks the blood flow which would create problems in the menstrual flow. A small hole is created in hymen to ease the flow.
  • Hymen with a complicated structure – this is commonly known as the septate hymen. In such cases, the hymenal tissue forms a complicated structure by splitting into rope-like formations. The hymen might become really thick due to this. To avoid any problem because of the thickness, a hymectomy is performed.
  • To cure accidental ruptures – often the hymen may get damaged unintentionally. If you think that it is unacceptable, then you can choose hymenoplasty for the restoration of the hymen.
  • Muscle tightening – there may occur flaccidity in the vaginal muscles after childbirth or with age. This can be cured by hymenoplasty.
  • For psychological satisfaction – you may choose this process for your mental satisfaction. You may feel uncomfortable or worried because of the lack of hymen so this is the easiest solution.

Who is the ideal candidate?

There may be sexual or non-sexual reasons. You may be the ideal candidate for the surgery if you do not have the hymen tissue or want to replace it. Some unmarried women want to show that their hymen has been intact and if they see otherwise, they opt for the surgery. Usually, women who have already become pregnant once opt for this treatment for muscle tightening. Or, girls who have suffered unwanted tears choose to cure it.

Hymenoplasty procedure

This is a simple procedure, done with local anesthesia. In it, the particular tissue is stitched in such a way that there remains a small opening only. The excess skin or tissues are cut neatly and gently.

It might happen that there is not enough skin or the hymen is none -existent. Then the doctor uses some of the vaginal skin or any synthetic tissue to create one. In such cases, the doctor arranges for the blood supply through your vaginal flap or artificially.

Preparing for hymen repair

This may sound scary to you but you should not fear it. This is one of the safest and easiest procedures. You should feel free to discuss it with your doctor so that both of you can understand the requirements. You should visit clinics that treat you with compassion and kindness. The most important thing is that you should have faith in your doctor and be comfortable. If you prefer female doctors and nurses for such treatment then choose the same.

New surgical technique for hymenoplasty

If you are undergoing surgical treatment to experience the pain of your first sexual intercourse then there is a new method. It is known as “superhymenoplasty”. In it, a super-hymen is created artificially so that there is more bleeding after the immediate sexual act. It also requires general anesthesia but the doctor creates two layers in the vagina. The procedure involves the insertion of torn pieces of the hymen below the urethral orifice.

This may cause some minor pain but the process ensures success. After the surgery, the doctors advise you to clean the area with warm water and apply any kind of ointment suitable for your skin. This helps to heal faster. This is an artificial way to restore your hymen, hence it does not cause any harm to the vagina.

Treatment Options For Cosmetic Gynaecology

The success rate of hymenoplasty

As said earlier, this is an easy surgery. But you should be careful enough to follow your gynecologist’s advice before, during, and after the treatment. It has a success rate of 98%.

Hymen restoration advantage

  • It will help you to have normal sexual intercourse with minimal or moderate bleeding.
  • The damage caused unintentionally gets repaired.
  • It can make you feel better. As a woman, you might be conscious of your body and even small harm can bother you. With this surgery, you can gain back the confidence.

Side effects and Complications after hymen restoration

This is perhaps the only surgery that has fear risks and side effects. There are no major compilations involved. But yes, sometimes, there may occur a problem related to stricture. In such a case, the vaginal opening might narrow down, making the next act of intercourse difficult.

Some other side effects are as follows

  • Pain and bruising
  • Numbness
  • Swelling and bleeding

But all these can be easily taken care of if you follow the instructions strictly.

Hymenoplasty recovery

You can recover quickly if you take a rest for few days. A minimum of seven to ten days is needed to recover completely. You can resume work after two to three days but have to avoid doing heavy work or exercise initially.

What is important to keep in mind is, you can engage in sexual activity only after eight weeks. You need to give it some time to heal completely.

This is a treatment for long-term benefit. It serves its purpose well for a long time.

Hymenoplasty cost

The cost of the hymen repair is much less compared to other heavy surgeries. It costs around twenty thousand at least and fifty thousand at most. The cost varies with the kind of treatment provided during and after the surgery. Since this is cosmetic surgery, it is good to opt for a better way of treatment even it costs a bit more money. Your priority should be your well-being and comfort.

Hymenoplasty is a new way to take care of yourself. You should think about it if you really care for the little details in your body. It is a way of pampering yourself and your body.

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