Dr. Jay Mehta is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician & Infertility Specialist in Shree IVF Clinic, Mumbai. With his help, you will get to know the important factors for enhancing the success rate of IVF.

Important factors to increase IVF success rate are:

  1. Pre-Treatment
  2. Hormonal Injections
  3. Ovum Pick-Up
  4. Laboratory Procedure
  5. Embryo Transfers

Here, you will get to know briefly how the pre-treatment procedure can assist you to enhance the IVF success rate.

In the Shree IVF Clinic, on average, every year nearly 500 couples go under-delivery after coming in contact with IVF. But it is necessary to understand that whatever you try to do, the average success rate of IVF is always between 35-40%. Even after a lot of hard work, going above 40% is a bit difficult. When any couple does IVF consulting, then doctors get them to do many investigations in pre-treatment.

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The most important of the investigations of male fertility are

Semen Analysis: On which 30-40% IVF success rate depends. There are three things that are strikingly important and are checked in Semen Analysis including count, motility, and normal forms. The normal semen count should be more than 15 million per milliliters, the speed of movement of sperms (motility) should be more than 40%, and normal forms, going by the strict computer criteria should be 4% more than normal sperms. These combinations are considered normal reports.

Now if you ask how the report is studied, then there are various advanced clinics that use computer analysis to get more and more information about semen counts, which is used for individualization of treatments and helps you to enhance your success rate.

If any of your parameters are too high or low, the doctor will suggest medical management or supportive therapy to increase the count so that we can use them in a mature manner.

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Among the investigations or tests of female fertility, the 2 most important things are checked

  1. Sonography: Also called internal or vaginal sonography or pelvic ultrasound. Doctors mostly recommend doing this sonography in 3D. This method helps the doctors to know whether the egg (ovary) is normal, its count, size, and location. It also helps to know about the normality of the uterus, if there are any minor disorders such as fibroids that can be detected in the ultrasound. These things might need to be corrected before proceeding with IVF. Thus, the information is available in the way by which you can increase IVF Success Rate.
  2. Hormonal Evaluations: This includes many tests but there are three tests that have a lot to do with IVF success rate such as –
      • Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), which helps to know about the quantity and quality reserves of the egg in your body. This reserve can assist to get information about the type of injection, its dose, and the number of IVF you need to go through.
      • TSH (Thyroid Test) should be normal. There might be times when your doctor will increase the dosage of thyroid medicine, especially before IVF, as it comes under the range of optimal fertility and is very important.
      • Prolactin (PRL) tests affect several parameters of your fertility and getting it to normal before going for IVF is very important.

These three are such tests which do not have any relation with periods. You can do all these three tests at the stipulated time. There are also hormones that have a time limit for their tests, such as FSH and LH, but in recent circumstances, there is less correlation of them in regards to IVF and fertility. Though in special circumstances, these teats can also be indicated.

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