Dr. Jay Mehta is the scientific director of Shree IVF Clinic. How much does IVF cost and what factors go into it? As we all know, IVF is a specialized technique that is also a sensitive treatment since many people believe that IVF is a highly costly treatment. To grasp this, it is necessary to realize that there are several components to IVF, all of which must be of high quality.

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IVF costs are among the variables that must be considered

  • In IVF, a huge number of hormone injections might be administered. International standard injections in Hormonal Injections are somewhat more costly than Yankee Indian standard injections in the United States. International standard injections cost  Rs 15,000  to 20,000 more than domestic standard injections. The patient and the doctor make the final choice, but it’s vital to remember that each patient requires a distinct injection based on their unique circumstances, so they can’t compare them. It should be remembered that no two patients are the same, and everyone requires a distinct dosage of these injections, making comparisons impossible. It is critical to highlight that hormonal injection, which is usually a worldwide standard injection, is quite costly.
  • When it comes to any therapy, the clinic’s experience and infrastructure, as well as the doctor’s, are critical. It is evident that clinics with more capabilities, such as advanced IVF, charge significantly more for these operations than clinics with only basic IVF treatments, as these operations need specialized training as well as more attention and personnel. Procedures like genetic cleansing and microdissection are very specialized and hence costly. Most significantly, the skill of the IVF specialist doctor you see might influence the cost of IVF. Because there are so many competent physicians, it is reasonable to expect a slight increase in IVF costs as a result of their knowledge and experience.
  • Regardless of whatever clinic you visit, expertise has a significant role in determining to price. It goes without saying that if the doctors are more experienced, you may expect a higher cost. As a patient, you should be aware of the two most important elements that influence the cost of IVF. As a patient, you should know that there are two to three IVF procedures, and the first attempt has a success rate of 40%, so don’t budget for IVF costs for only one effort. It’s quite significant.
  • The cost of the complete procedure, such as Embryo freezing or Hormonal Injections, may be included in your package depending on which clinic you visit. The patient then has the entire right and obligation to get all relevant information from your facility. It is critical to comprehend the total expense of the treatment so that you can budget appropriately.
  • All of the advanced techniques in IVF, which cost between 3 lakhs to 3.50 lakhs, do not guarantee that IVF will be successful. These are extremely specialized operations. Remove the notion from your head that higher IVF costs equal lower IVF success rates. Whatever your financial circumstances, the success rate for IVF is around 40%, and as a patient, you should be able to afford two to three treatments.
  • Finally, these prices include some additional costs that you may incur during your pregnancy. As soon as you begin the IVF treatment procedure, make sure to gather all information from your respective clinics regarding what the monthly cost of the medicine will be once the procedure is completed and after the pregnancy, so that you can plan ahead of time.

As a patient, two things should be kept in mind regarding IVF cost: every patient may undergo IVF treatment two or three times because the per-attempt IVF success rate in this IVF therapy is 45 percent, so you may benefit from such a therapy. Do not assume that since you are doing IVF therapy, you have the financial means to complete the procedure just once.

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