Many men suffer from infertility during pregnancy in various forms. And they occur due to a variety of reasons, either genetic or because of some physical damage. Not to mention, many people grow up with some abnormalities in the reproductive system. This results in infertility and most of them are curable.

It is best to contact a doctor when you notice the lack of sperm count, the condition referred to as Azoospermia. There are other factors that result in this too, but this is the most common one. Luckily, one can treat this condition after assessing the possible reasons for it. And depending on what the cause is, doctors would prescribe the medication.

Here, many men have doubts regarding what causes this condition. Is masturbation or doing so excessively one of the reasons that result in Azoospermia? This article would focus on this matter, in detail.

What is Azoospermia?

The condition of Azoospermia shows a lack of proper sperm count in a man’s ejaculation. There are no obvious symptoms for this besides that. And most of the affected do not realize so until they are trying to get pregnant with their partner.

Effects of higher levels of masturbation

People are not aware of the causes of Azoospermia or male infertility in general. And that leads to doubts regarding masturbation and its results that. To specify this, masturbation means that one would ejaculate on their own and do not do so inside the woman’s uterus. Here, this does not cause infertility regardless of where the ejaculation occurs. People who suffer from Azoospermia can still ejaculate, only there is a lack of live sperms in the semen.

However, if you have masturbation at a higher level, that does come with some effects. Both negative and positive consequences fall under this. For one thing, when men have sexual contact with ejaculation 3-5 times per week, that is normal. In fact, that often keeps the sperm quality in a good and healthy quantity. Out of the 300 million sperms that come out in a regular ejaculation, only one is necessary to enter the egg and cause pregnancy. When you masturbate regularly, you would deliver as many sperms in your semen as that, either live or infertile.
The following are important points regarding excessive masturbation that is necessary to know.

1. Quality of sperm

In case a man does not give out semen through masturbation or during sex for 2-3 days, that keeps the quality of it useful. In case a couple is trying to get pregnant organically, they would have higher chances if the male waits for 2-3 days for masturbation of any kind. In the case of IVF treatment, you have to ejaculate into a container after three days of waiting. This ensures good quality and quantity of sperms.

2. Low sperm count

On the opposite side, too much masturbation can result in the depletion of sperm in stock. This usually means when one masturbates 3-4 times each day. This is because when you ejaculate, at least 300 million sperms get out with each round. On average, the total healthy amount of sperm that a man would produce each month is 12 billion in number.

Thus, that means that you have depleted the entire reserve of sperm in a matter of a few times. That can lead to health problems, and men should keep a good note of this calculation.

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Benefits of masturbation

Indeed, there are some advantages of masturbation too, both for physical and psychological health. They are as mentioned hereafter.

  • Orgasm is a natural painkiller and that is possible during ejaculation. Thus, whether it occurs during sexual intercourse or masturbation, it has the same effect. In female masturbation, can cause relief during menstrual cramps and even stops infections like endometriosis to occur.
  • In order to relieve physical tension and stress, masturbation works effectively.
  • Masturbation is possible without a partner and provides an equal amount of pleasurable feelings. And it does not include the predicaments of infections or pregnancy.
  • Some studies show that masturbation prevents the chances of prostate cancer to some extent for men.

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Usual causes of Azoospermia

To understand if masturbation causes Azoospermia, it is important to consider its main documented causes. In around 10-15% of the affected men, the main reason for this is their gene pool. Plus, there are some problems in the chromosomes in a person’s body that can result in this issue.

This occurs in the Y chromosomes in the body, affecting the size, shape, and number of sperm in the semen. Plus, for some affected individuals, these chromosomes are absent.

Some of the common disorders that lead to Azoospermia include tumors, Klinefelter’s syndrome, Cryptorchidism, Mumps orchitis, and more. Some medication for a previous ailment can cause side-effects that result in Azoospermia. In the case of surgery or radiation, this is possible too. Previously diagnosed diseases like kidney failure or diabetes may also result in this.

Similarly, there are physical defects that result in this as well. This includes the lack of proper connections or missing parts in the male reproductive system. Infections and injuries may also result in the development of Azoospermia. In fact, a vasectomy’s voluntary operation can result in a lack of sperm count in a male body.

Does Masturbation affect Azoospermia?

Speaking of masturbation and infertility in men, there is no documented proof that the two are related. However, there is still debate regarding it among specialists.

While many of the doctors mentioned straying from masturbation can improve sperm count, others believed that this does not cause infertility.


Oftentimes, when a male ejaculates too much and daily, that can result in the lack of sperms. But this is usually temporary and not doing so regularly would improve the sperm count again. Thus, this is not a result of Azoospermia and there is no direct link between the two.

To get pregnant, taking some time off from masturbation would work in your favor. That would improve your sperm count and quality, and heighten your conception chances. However, if you have Azoospermia and you stop masturbating for a few days, that would not improve the sperm count. It is important to consult a doctor in the latter case and become more sure.

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