Autologous Stem Cell therapy is the new field in the field of reproductive medicine which is regenerative reproductive medicine. The application of Autologous Stem Cell is typically done either in the ovary or inside the uterus in order to regenerate the endometrium which is the lining where the embryo stays.

Why Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Important?

When the patient is undergoing Assisted reproduction or IVF lot of couples which to have a child with their own eggs and inside their uterus. It’s not necessary that these stem cells will be used both in eggs and the uterus, it could be either one of them.

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Autologous Stem Cell Therapy for Ovary

The most common indication that Autologous Stem Cell therapy can be used in In vitro fertilization (IVF) is for women with low AMH. It’s important to know Low AMH signifies Low ovarian reserve and when there is a low ovarian reserve, there can be the possibility of low ovarian stimulation response with drugs. One of the safest ways to elevate this response is by injecting an Autologous Stem Cell.

By injecting stem cells in the ovary, the microenvironment of the ovary gets enhanced which helps in the survival of remaining follicles to respond better to ovarian stimulation. This therapy might be effective in 20 % of women because doctors are still not sure about what kind of specific stem cells are needed in order to perform regeneration inside the ovary.

It has also shown benefits in the women who have Premature Ovarian Insufficiency where suddenly at premature age i.e. at the age of less than 35, Woman stops menstruating because the ovaries stop functioning.

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Autologous Stem Cell Therapy for Uterus

Apart from the ovary Autologous Stem Cell therapy is useful in the uterus as it helps in the regeneration of the endometrium. Regeneration of the endometrium is slightly better against the ovary. The indications include Women who have undergone Endometrial Tuberculosis which causes scarring of the uterus, severe Adenomyosis, or Asherman’s syndrome. In these women, following Hysteroscopic surgery the injected Autologous Stem Cell has shown tremendous benefits in regenerating the lining, increasing the thickness, and making the endometrium suitable for implantation.

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