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Success Rate of IVF and Few Misconceptions?



Dr Jay Mehta

Scientific Director & IVF Specialist with 10+ years of experience




IVF helps sperm to fertilize an egg and implant that egg into your Uterus and the working process of IVF is based on the combination of Medicines and Surgeries. Now apart from the theoretical aspect, many people are concerned that whether this process works or not. And if it does then, “for which type patients it works?”, and most importantly “will it work for me?”

As IVF is not a magic wand, it has certain conditions. There are several health criteria that you need to fulfil to have a successful IVF treatment.

Today in this video Dr. Jay Mehta (Advanced IVF Specialist from Shree IVF Clinic, Mumbai) will discuss all of the FAQs about IVF. More to that he will clear all the misconceptions people have about IVF.

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FAQs about IVF

What is the IVF success rate?

This question has no straight answer because the success of IVF depends on various biological facts about the patient. Those who are close to the required Patient Parameters for IVF will have a higher chance of getting success.

On which factors IVF success rate depend?

The success rate in IVF is completely dependent on Patient Parameters like maternal age, cause of infertility, embryo, and uterus status. Which doctor you are getting your IVF treatment also contributes to the success rate to some extent.

Which patients have a greater chance of getting success?

Above all the parameters, IVF is predominantly an age-dependent treatment. Your age and using your eggs are important IVF success factors to consider. Younger women have higher chances of IVF success.

Factors that reduce the chances of IVF success include being an older woman with fewer eggs and the lower quality of an older woman’s eggs. So the success rate reduces as the age of a woman increases.

What is the perfect age for an IVF treatment?

Ans. The age bar or the golden age for the treatment is 35. Below the age of 35 has the maximum rate of success. After 35 the success rate of being pregnant with your eggs gradually declines.

The slope of the decline of success rate with increasing age has a steep slope, i.e., the rate declines drastically with age.

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Categories of success rate

  1. Clinical Pregnancy rate – It represents the rate of people who become pregnant after IVF treatment per attempt
  2. Live Birth Rate – The rate of people who give birth to a healthy baby after IVF.


Please understand that ‘Live Birth Rate’ and ‘Clinical Pregnancy Rate’ are 2 different parameters in IVF and not the same. If the clinical pregnancy rate is high, then it doesn’t mean that the ‘Live Birth Rate’ will be the same as it.

If the age of a female partner is less than 35, then the chances of clinical pregnancy with IVF are around 40%. And the Live Birth Rate is 36%.

For example – If 100 women of the age of 33 get IVF treatment, 40 of them will be clinically pregnant. But out of 40, 36 of them will give live birth. Others may have to go through abortion as per the data.

If the age of a female partner is around 38, then the chance of Clinical Pregnancy through IVF is around 25%. While the Live Birth Rate is around 20% for them.

You may have known that the Clinical Pregnancy rate for IVF is 100% and the Live Birth Rate is around 60-70%. But these are the myths and maybe for marketing purposes.

There is no technique or proven clinical method, which can grossly improve the success rate of IVF.  Lastly, a small tip to slightly increase the chance of success – Choose your IVF and fertility clinic very wisely. If your consulting doctor is an Embryologist too, then your chances of success might be improved by some percent.

The motive of this video was not to demotivate you, but rather meet you with the facts. But you should mentally be prepared for the fact that there is no proven method to increase your chance of success. You should keep in mind all the key factors discussed in this video and have faith in the name of god.


Dr Jay Mehta

Scientific Director & IVF Specialist with 10+ years of experience





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