Absolute Asthenozoospermia is a condition where there is presence of 100% immotile sperms. There is no known or scientific medical management available for this condition and the male partners should actively seek treatment for this condition and avoid the oral medications which don’t offer any benefit. This condition is believed to occur due to a defect in the tail of the sperms or a defect in the sperm mitochondria. There is limited scientific knowledge to the exact cause of this condition.

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Dr. Jay Mehta is a highly trained embryologist and reproductive specialist. The technique which is applied by Dr. Jay Mehta is an extreme method where a LASER is applied over the tail of the sperms. The viable sperms will have the tails bent and the non-viable sperms or the dead sperms, won’t have similar characteristics. The LASER which is used is a highly specialized pulse frequency that is tailored just enough to prevent any form of excessive damage occurring to the sperms.

Dr. Jay Mehta practices the SELF CYCLE PROGRAM in the clinic and the clinic is highly sought after by couples who wish to have their own GENETIC child. It’s due to these specialized procedures that we are able to give such couples a genetic offspring of their own.

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