Sperm motility is defined as the capability of sperm to swim efficiently through the female’s reproductive tract for fertilizing an egg. However, to fertilize an egg your sperm should have progressive motility. This will allow your sperm to move at a speed of 25 micrometres per second, through the cervical mucus to fertilize an egg.

If you’re having low sperm motility, then this condition is known as Asthenospermia. This condition is determined when less than 32 percent of your sperm sample shows progressive motility.

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Types of Sperm Motility

There are 2 types of sperm motility:

  • Slow progressive motility – Sperms travel in straight lines or circular motion.
  • Non- progressive motility – Sperms don’t move in straight lines and they move in small circles.
  • No motility or absolute azoospermia – In this case, the sperm motility is zero.

Sperm Motility Percentage for Pregnancy

If you and your partner are planning for pregnancy, then you must have progressive sperm motility. Although it only takes one sperm and one egg to get pregnant, if your sperm has continuous motility then it will increase the chances of your partner getting pregnant.

If your sperm needs to fertilize an egg then it will have to travel through a female’s reproductive tract from the cervix to the uterus and then to the fallopian tubes. However, your sperm motility percentage should be around 40 to 75 percent for fertilizing an egg.

Your sperm count may also depend upon your overall health and lifestyle. Many studies have found that men with low sperm motility usually have a higher percentage of body fat. They have a higher Body Mass Index and also suffer from high blood pressure. So, if your body fat percentage is more and you’re are following an unhealthy lifestyle, then you may experience a higher metabolic syndrome. You may also tend to develop diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. In case, if you’re diagnosed with low sperm motility, make sure you consult a doctor for examining your testosterone levels and your overall health condition.

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Effects of low sperm motility on pregnancy

Low sperm motility can be a huge cause for affecting male fertility because your chances of getting your partner pregnant will decrease. If the quality of your sperm is low then it will also affect your chances of getting your partner pregnant.

The major factor for male infertility is caused due to low sperm motility. This has become a common reason nowadays and most couples are facing difficulty in conceiving.

Ways of improving Low Sperm Motility

There can be a lot of reasons for your low sperm motility. You may require special medical assistance and also need to make certain lifestyle changes to improve your sperm motility. The ways by which you can improve your issue of low sperm motility are:

  • Exercise regularly – If you’re suffering from obesity or if you’re overweight, then it can also affect your sperm motility. Make sure you exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take vitamins and supplements – If you’re suffering from low sperm motility then make sure you consult your doctor. He will do your blood test and will prescribe you some vitamins and supplements to increase your testosterone levels. He will also advise you to follow a diet chart that is filled with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fruits.
  • Stop your consumption of alcohol and smoking – If you are consuming alcohol and also smoking regularly then you should quit these habits immediately. Consumption of alcohol and smoking affects your sperm count and further results will be low sperm motility.
  • Wear loose cotton boxers while sleeping.

So, in the above context the sperm motility percentage to get pregnant, types of sperm motility, and the effects of it on pregnancy are mentioned. However, the other factors that may result in low sperm motility like, lifestyle, diet, and medical conditions are also explained above. If you’re suffering from low sperm motility then make sure to consult a urologist or fertility specialist. They will help you with certain medical treatments to improve your sperm motility or sperm count. You will be able to make your partner pregnant if you have progressive sperm motility.

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