Asthenozoospermia is a condition related to male infertility in which you produce sperms that have low motility. Sperm motility refers to the capability of sperm to travel in a straight line swiftly. Progressive sperm motility is very much important for achieving natural pregnancy. So, if you have low sperm motility then it also reduces your chances to make your female partner pregnant.

If your progressive sperm motility is below 50 percent or if your sperms are travelling in the female reproductive tract with a speed of 25 micrometers/second, then this condition is known as Asthenozoospermia.

The sperm you ejaculate has to penetrate through the cervical mucus and then travel to the female uterus. Finally, after reaching the uterus, it will pierce through your partner’s egg to fertilize the ovum. However, it is mostly seen that men who suffer from kidney diseases, cystic fibrosis, and other genetic issues also suffer from Asthenozoospermia.

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Causes of Asthenozoospermia

There are several causes of Asthenozoospermia. Here are some of the causes mentioned below:

  • Inflammation – If you have any inflammatory disease in your sperm duct, prostate gland, or in any other parts of your reproductive organ then this will result in low sperm motility. These diseases have some microorganisms that will directly affect your sperm count as well as your sperm motility. It will also reduce the speed of travelling of your sperms and its ability to fertilize the egg.
  • Varicocele – This is a condition in which the veins of your scrotum become enlarged. This is one of the major causes of Asthenozoospermia among men.
  • Abnormal semen liquefaction – This condition reduces the spaces inside your sperm ducts and obstructs the movements and the activity of your sperms.
  • Abnormalities in Chromosomes – If you have abnormalities in your sex chromosomes then will result in affecting your sperm count and sperm motility. This is a major reason for male infertility.
  • Immunological components – There are many antibodies that may act as a barrier in the movements of your sperms in different ways. Many studies have shown the presence of these anti-sperm antibodies around the tails of your sperm that stops them from fertilizing the egg.
  • Lifestyle factors – if you’re following an unhealthy lifestyle and diet then this can be a great reason for your low sperm motility. Examples of bad lifestyle habits are regular smoking, consumption of alcohol, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, and usage of drugs that lowers your testosterone levels. Also, if you are in a profession like, driving, horse riding that men who have jobs like driving or horse riding that mostly affects your pelvic area then these can be a major cause of Asthenozoospermia.

Therefore, low sperm motility is a very critical reason for male infertility. The number of motile sperms you should have after ejaculation is 70 percent. If the percentage of your motile sperms after ejaculation is below 40 percent, then it will be termed as Asthenozoospermia. However, you can still achieve pregnancy by using other reproductive techniques like IVF and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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Treatment of Asthenozoospermia

There are several treatments available for Asthenozoospermia cure among men. Here are some of the treatments mentioned below:

  • Artificial insemination – In this method, the doctor will take a sperm sample from a previous donor or couple and will inject it into the woman’s uterus during the time of ovulation. However, this method is only recommended if the female partner is under the age of 35 and if she has no infertility issues.
  • In-Vitro Fertilization – This is a process, in which the doctor will join the female egg to an improved sperm sample in the laboratory. This is performed under a controlled environment for achieving successful fertilization.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection – This is a very critical procedure in which the doctor will take a single healthy sperm from your testicles with a sperm injection. After taking the sperm he will carefully inject it directly into the matured egg of your female partner using a microscopic needle.

Several studies have shown that this technique has huge success rates in achieving pregnancy. This is one of the best techniques if you’ve issues like Asthenozoospermia.

Asthenozoospermia or low sperm motility is a serious issue related to male infertility. If you’re facing such issues make sure to consult your fertility doctor for further treatment. However, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly in order to keep your testosterone levels high.

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