AMH is a hormone that is produced in the female reproductive organs. The follicles in the ovaries produce this hormone, the more eggs you have the higher will be your AMH levels.

However, the AMH levels decrease as you age, which means that the eggs get depleted over time. Although, there are other reasons for low AMH levels like smoking, consumption of alcohol, unhealthy diet, and other genetic factors. So, a low level of AMH is a clear sign of low ovarian reserve but if you are undergoing menopause, then a low level of AMH is normal for you.

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Natural pregnancy with low levels of AMH

You can get pregnant naturally if you’re having low levels of AMH as it fluctuates every month. However, it is possible for you to get pregnant naturally with your eggs or with donor eggs if you have a low AMH level. Your low AMH level will not decide your fertility and there are other ways to improve your fertility.

It is mostly seen that some of the women have lower levels of AMH which is less than 0.7ng/ml. But almost 65 percent of these women were successful in conceiving within six menstrual cycles. However, the rest 84 percent of them conceived within 12 menstrual cycles.

There are other ways like IVF for acquiring natural pregnancy. Although, you may face difficulty in getting pregnant if your AMH levels fall below low. In this case, make sure to consult your fertility doctor regarding your fertility problem.

However, if you’re unable to conceive naturally, consider these below points before choosing to go through IVF:

  • If you are below the age of 35 and are undergoing fertility, then lower AMH levels should not worry you much.
  • In certain cases, the doctor will prescribe you medications that will develop or prepare your body for producing follicles that are of good quality at your current age.
  • Lastly, make sure you know that a low AMH level does not mean that you have low-quality eggs. It means you have a lesser quantity of eggs in your ovaries.

A study showed that older women having a poor ovarian reserve or low AMH levels were advised to take Impryl which is a fertility supplement for both men and women. After taking this fertility supplement the older women showed increased levels of AMH by 40 percent. Other than this, several patients who were under the trial also became pregnant by taking Impryl.

Previously, the only way to acquire natural pregnancy for these women was by using donor eggs. This fertility supplement provides a balance to your metabolism by improving your egg quality and also increases your chances of getting pregnant.

So, in the above context it is explained that if you’re having lower levels of AMH, this doesn’t stop you from getting pregnant naturally. There are several procedures by which you can get pregnant like In vitro fertilization (IVF), Impryl, and donor eggs. Also, make sure to consult your doctor regarding your fertility issues as the doctor will advise you with the right treatment considering your age. This will help you to get pregnant in a natural procedure.

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