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Can Azoospermia be cured?


Can Azoospermia be cured

Azoospermia is a medical condition where you experience an absence of sperm while you’re ejaculating. It is mainly due to a blockage in your reproductive tract or if you have hormonal problems.

However, there are other causes of azoospermia like ejaculation issues and testicular structure and functioning issues. This condition is also relatable to infertility among men.


Dr Jay Mehta

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Treatment of Azoospermia

Here are some of the treatments for curing the condition of azoospermia:

Medical Treatments

Medical treatments for azoospermia can be treated by reconnecting your sperm ducts that are obstructing the sperm flow. This may lead to surgeries or other medical procedures. However, hormonal treatments and other medications will also help in azoospermia cure. But in case if you have non-obstructive azoospermia, then medical treatment may not be able to cure it.

However, you don’t have to worry about this situation as nowadays there are several procedures with which you can still become father of your own biological child. It is possible to make a woman pregnant through the process of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). In this process, your doctor will be extracting sperm from your testes by using a needle.

This extracting process can also be performed while doing a biopsy. Although, this technique will work only if you have few sperm left in your testicles. Make sure to consult your doctor and undergo counseling before choosing this procedure or medical treatment. It is important for the doctors to identify the root cause and how it will affect any biological child.

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Surgical Procedures for Curing Azoospermia

In the cases of azoospermia where there are obstructions or blockages in your reproductive tract, and mixed connections, then these conditions can be cured with microsurgical procedures. If these surgical procedures are successful in treating your azoospermia condition, then conceiving naturally will become possible.

However, these microsurgical treatments will not correct the problem overnight. After the surgery, you will be asked to present your semen analysis for three to six months. If your sperm counts are normal, then there will be no infertility problems. You and your female partner will be able to conceive naturally.

Although, if there is still an abnormality in the sperm count after your surgery, then other options are to be implemented. If you’re having an enlarged scrotum, then this condition can lead you to azoospermia and other types of infertility further resulting in lesser sperm production. In this case, a microscopic Varicocelectomy is applied which reverses this procedure and regains healthy production of sperms.

If you had previous surgeries like vasectomy then it can also lead you to azoospermia. In these cases, if you’re planning for a pregnancy, then reverse vasectomy is to be performed for regaining the sperm count in the semen.

Azoospermia can also be caused if you have genetic issues. If you suffer from Klinefelter’s syndrome, then in such cases it is impossible for you to regain fertility. However, applying intracytoplasmic sperm injection will help to extract sperm cells from your testicles to achieve pregnancy in your partner.

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Natural Remedies to Cure Azoospermia

Some home remedies may or may not help you in the condition of azoospermia. But most of the time it is seen that, if you follow and practice these natural home remedies, it helps in increasing your sperm count. Although, if you’re having a low sperm count, then by using certain herbal supplements, and also if you follow a proper diet, you can improve and increase your sperm production. However, in case of any obstruction or blockage in your reproductive tract which is resulting in absence of sperms may not respond to these natural remedies.

Most of the doctors will advise you to take care of your health and eat a well-balanced diet, get a sufficient amount of rest, drink lots of water and keep a check on your stress level. Also, make sure to consult or visit your doctor regularly for your monthly check-up. Here are some lifestyle changes that you must follow to improve your sperm count:

  • Eat a healthy well-balanced diet that should contain proteins, fibers, vitamins, and carbohydrates in the right amount. 
  • Exercise regularly for at least one hour and this will help to increase your testosterone levels. 
  • Do yoga and meditate every day to keep your stress level low. 
  • Taking vitamin supplements and other herbal supplements like omega 3, omega 6, Coenzyme Q10, ginseng, etc.

Azoospermia is a serious issue among men and if you are facing such conditions and symptoms, make sure to immediately consult your doctor. The doctor will advise you with the right treatment or remedies which will help you to increase your sperm production. However, it is also your responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

If you need help with azoospermia or are searching for a good azoospermia specialist, you can consult Dr. Jay Mehta, With the latest medical equipment, Dr. Jay Mehta offers comprehensive treatment for all types of azoospermia. He is known as one of the most experienced azoospermia specialists in Mumbai.


Dr Jay Mehta

Scientific Director & IVF Specialist with 10+ years of experience





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