Urge Incontinence Treatment

Urge incontinence is extremely amenable to treatment when treated correctly. There are a lot of medical management options available in order to treat urge incontinence.

These medical management options include anticholinergic drugs, these are the drugs that act on the bladder muscle and they try to relax the bladder muscle. Once the bladder muscles are relaxed, the urge for passing urine goes down.

But before undergoing medical management a lot of things like attempting a bladder diary and behavioral management of bladder control, all can be used in order to tree a very mild case of urge incontinence. Quite a lot of time, simple antibiotics based on bladder culture report provided there is a urine infection. Simple alkalizing agents, which we use in routine life in the form of syrup of cetal or fruit extracts these can work in patients who have mild case urge incontinence.

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Treatment of Urinary Incontinence (Surgical treatment )

Whenever a patient takes up treatment for urge incontinence, the treatment will need to be carried for a longer time i.e around 6-12 months. In some women despite all kinds of medical management treatment, tend to fail to achieve bladder control. the further line of treatment includes putting a camera inside the bladder which is called a cystoscope and examining the bladder and if the need arises a small portion of the bladder is taken for biopsy.

Based on histopathological examination further management protocols are decided in resistant cases. Usually, there is one condition that leads to resistant urge incontinence which is called interstitial cystitis or overactive bladder syndrome. This is also associated with the pain of the bladder along with the urge incontinence. For such cases, Botox therapy benefits the most. If done correctly can give relief for 9-14 months.

apart from this, another line of treatment can be performing surgeries are using implants that are going to act via Bluetooth and control the nerve.

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