Endometriosis is a very common gynecological condition that can occur in any woman at childbearing age. Endometriosis means an over-growing tissue on the pelvis, uterus and other reproductive organs. This can lead to various health problems which sometimes can cause infertility too if not treated timely. 

Endometriosis has four stages and every stage has its different signs. Although, signs of the beginning stages are very faint and confusing. Stage four is also known as the last stage of Endometriosis and therefore, you need to have proper knowledge about it which includes its signs, treatment and other aspects.

Stage 4 Endometriosis

How serious is stage 4 Endometriosis?

Endometriosis has four stages and the fourth or last stage of Endometriosis is known as the server stage of endometriosis. At this stage, several cysts along with tremendous adhesion are present in more than 40 accruing points. 

Although normal cysts go away with time, cysts developed due to endometriosis do not disappear and need to be removed with surgical operations. Hence, stage 4 endometriosis is the most severe stage, naturally, it is also the serious stage of endometriosis. And people diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis are most likely to face too many health hazards such as abdominal pain, bleeding, vomiting, nausea etc that need surgical operations.

Stage 4 endometriosis can cause severe pain in the abdomen, pelvic pain and infertility.  But one must not panic if diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, instead, keep calm and contact a specialist for timely treatment.

What signs are stage 4 Endometriosis?

Endometriosis has four different states and the division of its stages made depending upon the number of acquired points, place of occurrence, size and depth of it. Stage 4 endometriosis is a severe stage of endometriosis are it has specific signs that help the doctors to identify it with diagnosis.

Also, everyone needs to be fully aware of the stage 4 endometriosis signs, so that they can reach out to the doctors immediately. Therefore, we will share the basic signs of stage 4 endometriosis below:

  • Heavy and abnormal menstruations
  • Painful urination during periods (monthly cycle)
  • Pain felt during intercourse
  • Painful bowel movement especially during periods.
  • Infertility
  • Digestive issues
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation etc.

One must note that the severity of Endometriosis does not reflect the amount of pain a woman faces due to endometriosis. Because many women do not feel any pain with severe endometriosis, on the other hand, some women can also experience abominable pain with milder endometriosis.

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    Is stage 4 Endometriosis curable?

    Another important aspect most people worry about is the curability of any disease and there is no exception in Endometriosis. As stage 4 endometriosis is the server stage of endometriosis, many people fear whether it is even a curable medical condition or not. 

    But one must not worry unnecessarily because nowadays, with all the medical advancements and development even the most severe cases of endometriosis are possible to cure.

    Currently, various gynaecology hospitals and private clinics are working across India that offer several treatments to cure the disease. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about in stage 4 endometriosis because if you visit the specialist in time and receive the proper treatment you will be recovered completely. 

    Stage 4 Endometriosis treatment

    There are several types of treatment available for stage 4 endometriosis that doctors determine to prescribe to the patient depending on some crucial factors. The factors are –

    • Recent symptoms of the patient
    • Medical background of the patient
    • Affected area
    • Patient’s tolerance for any medication, therapies and procedures
    • The course of the medical condition (expected)
    • Patient’s pregnancy desire etc. 

    Mainly there are five types of endometriosis treatment available for people suffering from the disease. Here we will list the treatments briefly for your help.

    • Medication for Pain – In this treatment patients are prescribed nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs to prevent the pain caused by endometriosis.
    • Hormone therapy – Hormone therapy is another option to treat endometriosis. This treatment includes various ways such as oral contraceptives, single progestins, Danazol and Gonadotropin etc.
    • Laparoscopic surgery This is a minor surgery in which a thin Laparoscopy tube with a light and camera is inserted into the body with a small port or incision (abdominal area) to remove the Endometriosis. 
    • Laparotomy – This surgery is more extensive than the previous one. Here, doctors try to remove as much misplaced endometrium as possible without harming any healthy tissue. 
    • Hysterectomy – Hysterectomy is a serious type of surgery and doctors only recommend this when there is no other way to treat the disease. In this surgery, the affected uterus and occasionally ovaries are removed from the patient’s body. 

    Pains caused by endometriosis are quite unbearable for many women and therefore many doctors suggest possible tricks and methods to ease the pain. Here are some of them you can use to get rid of the pain.

    • Meditate and rest
    • Take warm showers
    • Exercise regularly
    • Use a hot water bag or a bottle and place it on your abdomen.
    • Eat foods that can prevent constipation.


    Stage 4 endometriosis is the serious stage of endometriosis and women who do not feel too much pain as a symptom can also develop serious endometriosis. But you must not panic if you feel something wrong. Though, stage 4 endometriosis is the final stage of endometriosis, it is still curable with medical treatments and surgeries. 


    What happens if you do not treat stage 4 endometriosis?

    An uncured stage 4 endometriosis can trouble you in the long run. Untreated stage 4 endometriosis can cause infertility in women and even increases the chance of cancer with the development of cysts on different parts of reproductive organs.

    Can you get pregnant with stage 4 endometriosis?

    Endometriosis has several stages and stage 4 is the final stage of endometriosis. Every stage of endometriosis has its own signs. Whereas, the first stage cause pain and abnormal menstruations, the last stage or the 4th stage cause infertility issues as one of the health problems.

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