Dr. Jay Mehta is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician & Infertility Specialist in Shree IVF Clinic, Mumbai. With his help, you will get to know about Egg Freezing, which is also known as Vitrification.

Many people have this question that if the egg is kept in the freezer, will its growth stop. The answer to this question is quite simple. The growth of the egg will temporarily stop. Besides, it is very important to understand that freezing does not affect the permanent growth of the egg and rather stores the growth for a temporary time being. Before transferring the egg to the uterus, the egg is taken out of its freezing chamber and the temperature of the egg is decreased to the body temperature.

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Why do we need embryo freezing?

  1. Couples are not ready for embryo transfer in the same month of egg pickup.
  2. Sometimes a couple wants only one child and more than one embryo is made. Hence, after using one embryo, the remaining embryo is stored in the freezing chamber.
  3. Embryo freezing avoids the couple to go through the same process and hence, saves time and money for the same couple when they want to conceive again.
  4. With the help of embryo freezing, it is easier to preserve the extra embryo for future use.

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What are the two techniques of freezing Embryo?

  • Slow Freezing – This technique is virtually outdated, which means this technique is hardly used in any clinics for IVF procedures.
  • Rapid Freezing or Vitrification – This is the advanced technique of embryo freezing, which is being used nowadays for IVF procedures.

Important things about Embryo Freezing

  1. Embryo is freeze in liquid nitrogen.
  2. The temperature to freeze the embryo is -196°C.
  3. As the temperature is extreme, the embryo gets vitrified (freeze) immediately.
  4. With Embryo Freezing, you can keep the embryo for as long as you want, sometimes more than 10 years.
  5. Even after 10 years, the condition of the embryo remains the same as it was at the time of freezing and can be easily raptured in its normal state.
  6. For Embryo freezing its culture should be proper.
  7. The embryo freezing process requires a well-trained embryologist and biologist because the total time available to freeze the embryo stored in the straw device is just one second.
  8. The possibility of embryos mixing in an IVF center is very negligible as all embryos are coded with unique tags.
  9. Embryo freezing has no effect on the baby.

Does freezing embryo stop growth?

Embryo freezing stops the growth of the embryo for only a short time, as soon as those embryos have to be done, they are used to take out of the freezing chambers and bring them to the mean body temperature and then embryo transfer is done in the uterus.

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