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treatment of ovarian cyst

Treatment of Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst can occur in women across all age groups due to a wide variety of hormonal, anatomical disturbances.

The commonest diagnosed cyst in women is usually a SIMPLE cyst or a FOLLICULAR cyst. A simple cyst measuring less than 5cm warrants only Oral Medications with Contraceptive pills or Simple Follow up for a period of 3-4 months.

Ovarian Cysts are of multiple pathologies and present with variable signs and symptoms based on their nature and the size of the lesion.

The most common presentations are:

Simple Cyst (Asymptomatic, Pain in abdomen)

Dermoid Cyst (Asymptomatic, Heaviness in abdomen)

Hemorrhagic Cyst (Pain in abdomen)

Endometriotic Cyst (Severe pain during menses, Infertility)

Para-Ovarian Cyst (Asymptomatic)

Dr. Jay Mehta performs Ovary Preserving Laparoscopic Surgery for the patients who present with an Ovarian Cyst.

Dr. Jay Mehta specializes in the Following Laparoscopic Surgeries:

Laparoscopic Ovary Preserving surgery for large ovarian cysts > 15cm

Laparoscopic Surgery for Bilateral Ovarian Cysts

Laparoscopic In-Bag Cystectomy for Dermoid Cyst

Laparoscopic surgery for Endometrioma

Majority of the patients who get operated for Ovarian cysts usually get discharged either on the same day or the next day following the surgery.