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IVF failures


hatching blastocyst


hatching blastocyst



and IMSI

previous ivf failures

Previous IVF failures

Failure in IVF and ICSI is a common occurrence as the usual success rates at the best clinics doesn't exceed 38-42%.

A variety of factors could be responsible for an IVF Failure.

The most common reasons which cause an IVF Failure are:
  1. Transfer of Day 3 Embryos
  2. Poor Quality Endometrium
  3. Fresh Embryo Transfer
  4. Slow Freezing Technique of Embryos
  5. Poor Quality of Medications Used

Majority of the patients who get referred to the clinic, to be treated by Dr. Jay Mehta have had at least one previous failed IVF.

Dr. Jay Mehta is a trained Embryologist and he specializes in the all the procedures related to assisted reproduction which include ICSI, IMSI, Hatching and Vitrification.

Shree IVF Clinic, as a referral unit, is known to use the best available quality of injectables, disposables and medications in all patients who are undergoing assisted reproduction.

If you have had an IVF Failure in the past, Dr. Jay Mehta will offer either one or all of the following techniques to you to attempt for a better result:
  1. Blastocyst Embryo Culture
  2. Manual Hatching of the Embryos
  3. G-CSF instillation for the Endometrium
  4. Hysteroscopic Scratch Surgery
  5. Frozen Transfer

It is important to note, that success rate per cycle is dependent on a lot of patient related factors. However, the overall success rate doesn't exceed 45% per attempt.