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pregnancy schedule week by week

Pregnancy Schedule

General Information

OPD Day for Pregnancy : Tuesday

OPD Timings : 10AM - 5PM

How to book appointment : Call 9920914115

What to Carry : All Previous Reports

Can I come alone for the visit : We recommend to carry one relative along with you

Will my Partner/ Relative be allowed to attend the Sonography : Yes

Which doctors will attend to me during my visit : Dr. Jay Mehta, Dr Tushar, Dr Nikita

Am I allowed to Eat/ Drink before my visit : We recommend to eat good breakfast/lunch prior to your visit and have plenty of oral fluids

Will Dr. Jay Mehta consult me during my visit : Yes

Will a 3D/4D Sonography be done at the hospital : Yes, on Voluson E6 Radiance Platform

Am I supposed to follow any diet modifications during my pregnancy : Diet Modifications are to be followed only when recommended by the doctor

Pregnancy Protocol With Us

Visit Weeks (To be calculated from your Last Menstrual Period Date) Sonography Blood Tests Others Significance
1st 4-5 weeks Early Pregnancy Scan beta hCG, TSH BP, Weight This is important to confirm if your pregnancy is growing inside the uterus or not
2nd 6-7 weeks Cardiac Activity Scan ANC Profile BP, U. Protein This confirms if your baby has a heart beat
3rd 12-13 weeks Early Anomaly Scan (3D-4D) Double Marker BP, U. Protein, Weight This is also called as Aneuploidy Scan. Looks to identify Chromosomal Defects
4th 15-16 weeks Genetic Sonogram(3D-4D) Quadruple Marker BP, U. Protein, Weight This is an add-on Sonography. Sometimes, helps to take a call along with performing Amniocentesis
5th 19 weeks Targeted Anomaly Scan (3D-4D) - BP, U. Protein, Weight, inj. TT This looks at all the Fetal Anomalies in Detail
ELECTIVE OS TIGHTENING with a Hospital stay of 48 hours
6th 24 weeks Fetal ECHO (only if indicated) 75gm GTT BP, U. Protein, Weight, inj. TT This is a test which is a screening for Diabetes of Pregnancy You can perform the 75gm GTT at any Laboratory and send us the report on WhatsApp on 9920914115 7th 28 weeks Initial Fetal Biometry (3D-4D) repeat TSH BP, U. Protein, Weight This test looks at the Growth Parameters of the baby 8th 32 weeks Fetal Biometry with Doppler CBC BP, U. Protein, Weight This looks at the Fetal Doppler which gives an idea of the growth parameters of the baby 9th 34 weeks - - NST, BP NST is a screening of the Fetal well-being 10th 35 weeks - - NST, BP NST is a screening of the Fetal well-being 11th 36 weeks Fetal Weight Estimation - BP, U. Protein, Weight, NST This will give an approximate idea of the fetal weight 12th 37 weeks - - NST - 13th 38 weeks - - NST, Vaginal Examination Vaginal Examination is done for assessment of the Pelvis

DELIVERY (Vaginal/Cesarean) If you are ICSI/IMSI Conception, Delivery will be by Cesarean only

The Pregnancy Protocol will be modified if you are a High Risk Pregnancy based on your Risk Factors


Feel Free to Ask Doubts, Justifications for all the procedures, Blood Tests being carried out