Neuropelveology is a highly specialised sub-speciality in the field of pelvic surgery which specifically aims at in depth knowledge of the pelvic anatomy of the nerves. Dr. Jay Mehta specialises various Neuropelveology surgeries.


Laterally Extended Endopelvic Resection (LEER) is a highly advanced surgical technique for performing recurrent and advanced cancers. Dr. Jay Mehta specialises in the advanced super specialised surgical techniques of LEER.


The most common surgery performed in Operative Gynecology is Uterus Removal or Hysterectomy. Dr. Jay Mehta has operated and removed Uterus weighing more than 2Kg on multiple occasions and most of these patients get discharged on the next day following the surgery.

Fibroid Surgery

Uterine Fibroid is the most common pathology affecting the uterus. Dr. Jay Mehta is an ambidextrous surgeon and performs Laparoscopic Suturing with both hands and is well-known to be one of the fastest surgeons to suture laparoscopically.

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst can occur in women across all age groups due to a wide variety of hormonal, anatomical disturbances. Dr. Jay Mehta performs Ovary Preserving Laparoscopic Surgery for patients who present with an Ovarian Cyst.


Endometriosis is the most complex presenting disease associated with a high recurrence rate. Dr. Jay Mehta has trained extensively in Endometriosis from Austria. He uses 3D Laparoscopy to perform Endometriosis Surgery. Since Shree IVF Clinic, is a referral unit for endometriosis, majority of the women who are referred with endometriosis have been operated at least once before.


Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive technique where a small telescope usually less than 3mm is inserted inside of the uterus to perform various diagnostic as well as operative procedures.