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and IMSI


hatching blastocyst


hatching blastocyst



IVF failures


ICSI stands for Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

This is a technique where the biologist, selects the sperms manually from a washed semen sample, and then based on the characters like morphology and motility selects the potential sperms for injection.

In order to perform ICSI, the eggs which have been taken out are also prepared and the surrounding cells which are called as the cumulus are taken away.

Advantages of ICSI over IVF:
  1. Ensures fertilisation
  2. Can be performed even in cases of immotile sperms
  3. Can be performed even in cases when sperm count is less than 5 million
  4. Slight improvement in the success rate as compared to conventional IVF.

IMSI is yet another technique where in the sperms are magnified by more than 6600 times and this has a distinct advantage in selecting the most morphologically normal sperms.

Dr. Jay Mehta is a trained embryologist and is well adept in performing all the procedures related to ICSI and IMSI which include:
  1. Hunting of Oocytes
  2. Denudation
  3. Micro-Injection
  4. Post ICSI Embryo Assessment.

This ensures that at all steps during your treatment, Dr. Jay Mehta personally performs all the procedures.