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hatching blastocyst


hatching blastocyst


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frozen embryo transfer procedure

Freezing Program

One of the most critical steps in a patient undergoing Assisted Reproduction is Vitrification of the embryos, sperms, oocytes.

Thanks to the fantastic technology of vitrification which allows for rapid supercooling to occur and then helps in the preservation of the genetic material for prolonged periods of time, it offers tremendous flexibility to both the patients as well as the doctors.

Vitrification or Freezing is a highly specialized technique which is extremely time bound and needs tremendous experience to perform.

Dr. Jay Mehta himself performs the vitrification of embryos (frozen embryo transfer procedure), oocytes, sperms as well as the ovarian tissue.

Frozen transfer, which means that the embryo transfer is done in a subsequent cycle, the advantage in that is it helps to maintain the synchrony between the embryo development and the endometrium and almost gives a 10-12% increment in the pregnancy rates as against the Fresh transfers.

At Shree IVF Clinic, we follow the Freeze All policy, in that, all the embryos made are compulsorily frozen and then in a subsequent cycle, the embryo transfer occurs.

Dr. Jay Mehta specializes in the following techniques:
  1. Vitrification and Thawing of Blastocysts
  2. Vitrification of the Oocytes
  3. Ovarian Tissue Vitrification