Blastocyst Transfer

A blastocyst embryo is a large sized embryo which is produced on the 5th or 6th day of Embryo Culture under highly skilled and controlled laboratory conditions. Dr. Jay Mehta, who is a trained Embryologist, specializes in the Vitrification of the Blastocyst Embryos which is a critical step prior to doing the Blastocyst Transfer.


Hatching is done either manually or laser assisted and Manual hatching involves a lot of skill prior to doing it and Dr Jay Mehta is an expert in it.


Dr. Jay Mehta specialises in micro TESE ICSI for Azoospermia, ICSI and IMSI procedures for Male Infertility.

Freezing Program

One of the most critical steps in a patient undergoing Assisted Reproduction is Vitrification of the embryos, sperms, oocytes. Dr. Jay Mehta himself performs the vitrification of embryos (frozen embryo transfer procedure), oocytes, sperms as well as the ovarian tissue.


Dr. Jay Mehta is a trained embryologist and is well adept in performing all the procedures related to ICSI and IMSI.

Previous IVF failures

If you have had an IVF Failure in the past, Dr. Jay Mehta will offer various techniques to you to attempt for a better result.