Cancer Surgery

Endometrial Cancer

Considering the increase in obesity and associated hypertension and diabetes, Endometrial Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers affecting women in India. Dr. Jay Mehta uses 3D Laparoscopic Surgery to perform Laparoscopic Staging for Endometrial Cancer.

Cancer Cervix

Cancer Cervix is the most common cancer currently affecting the female genital tract in India. Dr. Jay Mehta specializes in the various surgeries for the treatment of cervical cancer.

Cancer Vulva

Cancer of the Vulva is not common in women. When it occurs, it usually occurs in women beyond the age of 50 years.

Cancer Ovarian

Ovarian Cancer is a malignancy which is on the rise in the Indian Subcontinent. Dr. Jay Mehta is a trained Gynec-onco surgeon and specializes in radical procedures associated with the pelvis as well as the upper abdomen.


Pelvic Exenteration Surgery is one of the most radical surgeries involved in the Pelvis. Pelvic Exenteration is usually recommended in cases of extensive disease, provided the disease has not spread beyond the abdomen.